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Hand Printed Cards

New Hand Printed Linocut Cards

Card designs: Just last month, Beck from The HareBrained Press fired up the beautiful 1890s Golding Pearl to print some cards based of some older designs, but on new high-quality paper. These and some new designs are available here and on Harebrained Press! Beck also has a lovely (no pun intended) letterpress design which is the word 'Love' in a variety of languages. The result is really special and was a technical challenge (of course). All printing is being completed on our restored 1890s Golding Pearl treadle press, which is a beauty to operate.

Here's a quote from Beck about the cards "Created using the hand-executed techniques of lino-cut engraving and letterpress, these fine press cards feature original designs and make striking art prints for framing or a unique gift. Each has been relief-printed in The Harebrained Press studio onto soft white mould-made paper, crafted in Italy at the Fabriano mill. The envelopes accompanying the cards are in ivory with a slightly textured surface."

I have always loved seeing a card as something more than just a throwaway item. Every now and then, I will make a one off design for someone as a gift by using the front of a folded card as a blank canvas to draw onto. The card can then be kept as an artwork or a special momento of our friendship (and hopefully not thrown in the bin!).


In some ways, my interest in hand printing cards using my own engraved designs is a kind of extension of my previous custom designs. It's a thrill to know people are buying the cards to keep or as a gift for someone they care about or even framing them as an artwork.

Here's an example. A hand engraved sleeping whippet design. For this one, I used a dot tool to make the pointillist inspired style. My intention was to capture the subtle tonal variants of the dog's muscles and ribs.

This goat design uses a grey ink and a more traditional engraving style. Who doesn't love a goat?

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