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Studio News

This entry is to share a few things that have been happening in the studio lately. I release news earlier for email subscribers so please feel free to subscribe :)

Card designs: Beck and I have a nice little production outfit happening right now. I carve the images, and Beck prints. Just last week, Beck fired up the beautiful 1890s Golding Pearl to print some cards based of some older designs, but on new high quality paper. These and some new designs will be available very soon! Beck also has a lovely (no pun intended) letterpress design which is the word 'Love' in a variety of languages. The result is really special and was a technical challenge (of course). All printing is being completed on our restored 1890s Golding Pearl treadle press, which is a beauty to operate.

You can purchase the cards via Beck's ETSY Store

Celestial Emporium: We continue to further develop a prototype of the book for our Kickstarter launch soon! The book will be available in a super limited lettered edition and a more affordable numbered edition. More to come.

I have, as always, artwork available for purchase via my website and appreciate the support or just your time to read my monthly updates. Please feel free to reach out and say hello anytime :)


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