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Projects and Exhibitions

Here are some of the major projects I have worked on with others in recent times.


New Cards Available

I have a range of hand designed and printed limited edition wall art and high quality cards available. Check out the store for the full range. 

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A little about me

Hi, I am Kain an artist from Victoria Australia who practices in Oil Paint, Pencil, Charcoal and Printmaking. I have been creating art for my entire life and sometimes hold workshops and exhibitions, so feel free to sign up to my email list to stay in touch. 

I am currently working on a series of prints for an upcoming collaborative fine press book which you can learn more about in the 'Projects' section below.

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About the Artist

Kain White is an Australian painter, drawer and printmaker. He finds inspiration in a wide variety of sources, from the Renaissance masters through to 1950s space illustration. Using symbolism, narrative, and unconventional perspective, White seeks to displace his viewers from materialist paradigms and to reflect on non-physical realities and worlds of meaning.

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