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Create Lab - Collaboration with Lyn Raymer

Create Lab - Collaboration with Lyn Raymer - 'A Catchup' (Silent Film)

Kain White and Lyn Raymer presenting at Emporium Creative Hub Bendigo

In late September I was honored to be part of the launch of our collaboration 'Create Lab' project at the Emporium Creative Hub in Bendigo last night. The project involved around 6 groups from the community who collaborated in a wide variety of ways to produce a film/performance that was to be on display after the official launch. Opening night and screening saw a full house with well over 60 people in attendance.

Presentation in front of crowd
Lyn and I providing some insights into the process of creating a stop-motion animation

It was a pleasure working with Visual artist Lyn Raymer Website. Together we produced a short animated film over a period of 3 months based on the theme 'A Catchup' (social comings and goings of a public space, namely, the Bendigo Mall). When Lyn saw the funding callout, she had an idea to create an animation, but was a beginner in this area (Lyn is an extremely accomplished artist check her website out above!) so I was invited to join up with Lyn offer tuition/support on how to perform stop-motion animation using charcoal and paper. This happens to be an area I have been crazy enough to delve deeply into in the past (Here's my animation page). We quickly sourced the required equipment, the main item being a Canon DSLR camera with manual settings, and got to work! Lyn set to work planning the scenes and creating the drawings while painstakingly photographing every single frame using a remote control as she worked scene after scene. Each week, I dropped in with a laptop and we inspected her work, collected images, discussed ideas and technical issues. I then collated, adjusted and refined thousands of images into a program called Stop Motion Pro to produce an animated final product. The short film (along with several other films) is on display on the large screen in the Bendigo Mall for at least the month of October.

New Project! I have been very busy working on a new major project that will probably become the main focus for all of 2024 if everything works out. It's going to be a collaboration between three people! Here's a peek.

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