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Another work from a while ago. Based on the Ancient Greek ‘Autochthon’.. Here is a definition “Autochthons (αὐτόχθονες), in myth, are figures born literally from the earth, with no human parents.


I have always been fascinated of the idea of our bodies being made of what we eat and the inescapable reality that we eventually become soil again. In symbolism, the sky (or universe) is often aligned with the unconcious/subconcious mind or ‘the unmanifested’ and unknown. I consider soil/Earth/loam/compost to be very similar. In many ways it is involved in the growth of all life (that is not in the ocean) and yet it is a mixture of many many things. Soil is a paradox..It’s something (dirt, earth, etc, yet it’s also unmanifested life. So in a way, soil is a gateway between life and death.

This idea I explored is not going to the extent of a person literally being born of the the Earth and suggesting a human is not born of a mother in the physical sense, but it does suggest that ‘coming of age’ is only possible with a ‘second birth’ into adulthood. Joseph Campbell has some excellent writing on this topic.

None of these ideas are mine as ‘nothing (no-thing) is new under the Sun (son)’.


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