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Closer than Breathing 
Fine Press Book

This was a project that took around 6 years to complete. My task was to design and engrave a series of images for use in R.I. Sutton's collection of letterpress and hand bound books titled 'Closer than Breathing - Seven Tales'. For each of the 'Seven Tales' I designed an image that was inspired by old anatomical illustrations each focusing on a specific body part. In combination with this, I added an element that does not belong in a different colour. For each image I used a base colour and a second one to add interest.


The cover images are engraved into maple endgrain blocks. The covers each have a hand painted heart detail

Invitation Inside Top 1b_edited.jpg

The book came in deluxe red leather binding and ivory toned paper or blue buckram with a pale paper. The edition is 120 copies consisting of 60 red and 60 blue. 

Image Gallery


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