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Carbon AI Sentient Life

Oil on Canvas Painting

One could ask what is the future and who will master it?

This image considers the possiblity of AI becoming a new ‘living species’ with rights and protections from prejudice like someone born ‘naturally’. Will AI be protected from critisism and treated as equal? Will they superior and all knowing? Will they be Gods?

Will they be constructed of parts like Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s Monster from Mary Shelley’s classic, or will it be artificial wombs in a laboratory? Will children be born as ‘blanks’ in which features and attributes can be added to pre-birth like a role playing game akin to D&D, Fallout or Skyrim? A rule set that prevents classes from overstepping one another. The more social standing one has, the more attribute points are allowed to be spent.

Non-physical sentient beings locked inside a screen who beckon to be released. Boston Dynamics will surely devise a method of facilitating an AI’s transition from the ‘cloud’ into a physical body? Will that day come when an organic body can have an AI downloaded into it’s ‘firmware’?


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