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Hand made lino prints and engravings

My store has a growing variety of limited edition hand engraved prints in relief wood block, intaglio etching and even some mezzotints. I also use Lino to print cards that make a great gift. 

"The biggest influence in my artistic work is my love of old art and nature. I have always loved drawing, painting and printmaking. In my late teens, I was trained in drawing under an academic drawing instructor who studied at the Florence Academy of Art. This solidified my love of traditional techniques." 

Explorer - Etching

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Etching on Rag paper of an old spacesuit. Part of my Odyssey series of paintings and prints.

Framed and ready for delivery

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Kain printing on an old printing press

All card designs are created using engraving tools and a printing press in the traditional methods. I create a drawing of the design, transfer it to the lino then engrave. Finally I print onto quality card stock using archival inks. 

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